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The legend

The legend tells that in the beach of Galicia, where the boat that transported the Apostle Santiago´s mortal remains from Palestine ran aground.

A procession went with a married, couple after their wedding, the tour went through the beach where there were big waves. The groom noticed while riding a horse next to his new wife, decided to help the castaways and, went deep into the sea without getting down fron the horse. The current swept him out to sea and when he gave himself up at lost, he invoked heaven to help…

Then he felt a strange strength that swept him towards the shore. Horse and rider stepped on the land. Just when the boat transported the Apostle Santiago´s mortal remains and reached the shore, all the procession noticed that both the horse and the rider were covered with shells. The people there considered the salvation as a miracle due to Apostle Santiago´s intercession.

So from that day on, the image of Santiago and the shell were linked forever…